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Ok, I know you’re anxious to get the power of Decoded PLR Series up and running for your business, but before you do – I’d like to share how you can also use Decoded PLR Series to put more money in your pocket.

As a matter of fact, if you truly want to make money online or in anything – you have to sell something.

There’s just no way of getting around it.

But the reason that most people (like yourself possibly) don’t sell anything online is because they are either too intimidated to make their own products or they just don’t have the time.

Regardless of which category you find yourself in, I’d like to help you sidestep that and get on the fast track to profit.


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(More on that in a moment…)

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(You may need to adjust the next section to match how your reseller program works.)

That’s 100% true. All the hard work has been done for you. It’s as simple as:

Send Your Web Visitors To

The Link We Give You

When you sign up for this option today, we’ll give you your very own Decoded PLR reseller link that’s coded especially for you.

Use this link to send all your visitors to and when someone makes a purchase through your link, you’ll receive 100% of the commissions! That’s right. 100%. We won’t keep a dime of the Decoded PLR sale since you’re a bonafide reseller.

And there’s no website, hosting, or payment buttons for you to setup. All of the sales copy, videos, everything is all taken care of.

We Host Everything On Our

Top Notch Secure

You won’t have to worry about storing your customers’ data anywhere and paying massive hosting fees. We’ll take care of it all for you. Every bit of data your customer will need for their Decoded PLR campaigns will be secure on our heavily encrypted servers.

Plus, they’ll get 24X7 access to using Decoded PLR whenever they want!

We’ll Handle All Support Issues

If your customers have any support issues, any at all, we’ll take care of it from beginning to end. You won’t need to get involved one single bit. You send them over and we’ll treat them like absolute royalty with swift support responses that will make them blush.

When There Are Updates,

Your Customers Will Receive Them Automatically

No need to send out an email every time we make an update to Decoded PLR. We’ll make sure your customers are always update with any changes that we make so you never have to.

Consider us being your very own Decoded PLR concierge

You Sit Back, Relax and Profit

I wish I could tell you there’s soooo much more work to do, but there really isn’t.

We’ve thought about how to make this as easy as possible for you and the best way to do that was to offer you what we’re offering now.

100% reseller access where you send the traffic, keep all the profits, and we do all the work.

That’s a win for you no matter how you slice it!

So…How Much Could You Actually Make

Reselling [Name of Front End Product] ?

The Decoded PLR Reseller Edition allows you to resell Decoded PLR – 21 Crucial Mistakes Series. This includes all the features and benefits from Decoded PLR Funnel. After the introductory launch pricing, one single frontend sale to Decoded PLR will sell for $20 and imagine making hundreds and thousands of dollars through the whole funnel.

So here’s the potential numbers could look like when you resell DecodedPLR products:

Sell 20 Memberships @ $20.00 per sale = $400

Sell 50 Memberships @ $20.00 per sale = $1,000

Sell 500 Memberships @ $20.00 per sale = $10,000

Receive 50%-70% on all upgrades/add-ons for your customers purchases could also net you $thousands more!

(However, we should mention your results and your success will be based upon what you do with the product. Results may vary. Our offer provides you with a complete turnkey business where you can earn 100% of the Decoded PLR commissions with a proven high converting sales funnel.

You are responsible for sending traffic to your unique reseller link. If you don’t take action and you don’t send any traffic to your reseller link, then it will result in you generating no income from this offer. )

Here’s Why This Is The Perfect

Opportunity For You…

You won’t have to do anything except plugin to our turnkey system.

You’re getting access to plugin to a proven system that converts will everything you need such as:

The Hot Decoded PLR Sales Letter (We Use It To Convert Sales Ourselves)

The Engaging Decoded PLR VSL (Video Sales Letter, Perfect For Drawing In Even More Customers)

An Enticing Sales Angle That Are Hot and Are Becoming More Mainstream By The Day!)

Instant Expert (You’ll Be Seen As Someone With Instant Credibility Because The Decoded PLR Series Inclusion Delivers Results Right Out The Box)

Private Reseller Coupons (So You Can Move Your Visitors To Action Fast! Plus We’ll Also Add Scarcity Timers To Your Page So Your Visitors Buy Quickly. Because No One Likes To Miss Out On A Good Deal!)

100% Turnkey System (Our Decoded PLR Reseller Edition Allows You To Start Profiting Today With No Hoops To Jump Through!)

No Headaches, Just Profits (Simply Send The Traffic and We’ll Do The Rest. We’ll Handle The Support, Hosting, Website, Sales Process, Updates, Everything From A to Z)

Normally to get a license for this caliber of product could easily cost you $2,000.

And even then, it would be a steal seeing that this software could make you four to five figures a month!

That’s why you’ll need to act fast because the opportunity to resell Decoded PLR won’t be around forever.

Now, I know you’ve heard that before and think it’s a bunch of nonsense, but seriously, we could remove this offer at any time.


Because depending on the market, we may not want Decoded PLR to end up in too many hands and saturate the results our customers could get.

By possibly limiting the number of reseller licenses, we can make sure that those who do capitalize on this opportunity can do so for a long time to come.

That’s why you’ll need to act fast even if you’re remotely thinking about the possibility of selling Decoded PLR as your own.

Even if you don’t do it now, it’s still a great investment to have so you can do so later.

You Could Wind Up Investing $1,000 – $5,000

If You Tried To Do This On Your Own…

Just to give you candid view of what it’d take for you to do this on your own, here’s a quick breakdown of every expense you’d incur:

Professional Salescopy – $2,000

Product Creation – $1,500

High Converting Salespage – $1,000

Outsourcing – $500

And don’t even mention where you could get scammed by nasty coders who steal code and resell it to you or don’t even complete your projects!

Avoiding all of the above? Priceless.

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If within 30 days of purchase you are not satisfied with your Reseller Account for any reason, we will provide a 100% refund – no questions, no hassles.

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You’ve already seen and believe in all that Decode PLR has to offer your business. So if you already know that Decoded PLR is a homerun, then why not offer it to other marketers and business owners?

If it’s good enough for you, then it’s good enough for them as well.

So here’s what you need to do now:

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Just a handful of sales not only makes your investment back, but puts you in profit forever!

So don’t delay…go ahead and use the button to get access now.

You’ll be glad you did.




(Original Price – $197) – Get This Now For Just $77 When Your Click The Link Below

30 Day Money Guarantee | 100% Risk Free For You

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